About HGP

HGP (HINDUSTAN GREEN POWER) serves the growing wind power industry with high quality, effective products and modern engineering. We have a goal: To use the most modern technology available to all regions of this planet, in order to generate cleaner and greener energies and contribute to the survival of this beautiful planet and all its inhabitants. We are more focusing on Wind power and solar Air-conditioning projects in India. HGP projected next one year, to set up a 20 MW wind power project in Tamil Nadu. Hindustan Wind Power Solutions aims to provide a strong renewable energy platform thereby promising to power a greener tomorrow.

In addition, HGP will produce and marketing solar Air conditioning joint venture with Taiwan Company. Our responsibility is to produce better and more reliable systems and to make renewable energy products affordable option and our vision is to deliver State-of-the- Art products to keep a healthy environment. We are confident to build high-tech products and keep you stay on the leading edge of solar technology.

At present the company is trying to set up the whole figure of Hindustan Green Power with the consciousness of struggling for the perfect quality, the idea of scientific standardized management, the guarantee of credible reputation and the flexible & pragmatic marketing mode. In addition, we would like to develop the wide co-operation among the world. We welcome and ready to work with any interests to expending our solar energy products, and bring clean energy to all over the world.

HGP Vision

Hindustan Green Power aims to provide a strong renewable energy platform thereby promising to power a greener tomorrow. From initiating a wind power project 20 MW, initial phase will be 5 MW, till completion and even beyond, HGP ensures that nothing stands in the way of it serving its purpose. This is with the support of of its key differentiators; it is the very philosophy of questioning ourselves at every step that has helped us sustain our vision. Our approach, insight, objectives and our reports stand testimony to that.

HGP Philosophy

  • To be a company that serves society with sustainable wind-power on a commercial scale with a focus on continuously increasing efficiency and reliability of our wind power.
  • To always be committed to a life-long relationship with customers and work towards total customer satisfaction.
  • To lay importance on bettering our quality, safety and environmental standards.
  • To build partnerships with all employees, customers, vendors, service providers, local communities and governments.
  • To conduct business only with the highest standards of ethics.
  • To contribute to the reduction of use of fossil fuels by reducing our carbon footprint in all our operations.